Monday, April 30, 2012

Vinyl Remix - Test Drive

So I was scouting around Wal-Mart's polish section (imagine that!), and I snagged my 2 NYC "Grand Central Station" clear top coats that another blogger (sorry, can't remember who) said is better than Seche Vite!  Anywhoo, I was looking through the Maybeline section and saw a bunch of these Pure Ice sets (go figure):
I had never heard of these before, and I was intrigued!  All of the shrink-wrapped sets were black and white, but with different colored labels on the black.  So, what is "Art In Motion"?  Doesn't say, but the word "MAGIC" is all over, an I'm a sucker for magic, especially if it's in a bottle of polish!
Here's what the back says.  Hmmm, still not exactly sure what it does.  But the design on the little record (which is also a nail file), is a hint!

So, I rushed home, removed my Zoya mani (which came off very easily and cleanly...add me to the "I love Zoya" band-wagon), And put on the white base coat:
This is two coats.  Went on just fine.  I let this dry, then busted out the black polish.  The "tips" under the label say to brush "a wave, half moon, heart, diagonal stripe, or straight" lines.  So, I did.
 And it WAS magic!!  Look, it made pink, and black crackle over that!  Very fun fun fun!  And it crackled pretty well! 

I guess Pure Ice wants you to buy other colors, and then fill in the white areas with those for a complete design.  So, my final verdict is that it was really fun to watch the design appear, but I would rather just use my own pretty polishes under my own black crackle.  Each set is like $7.00, and it was thoroughly entertaining! 

Will you be trying these out?

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