Monday, April 9, 2012

Plasma Plays in 21 Ways: "5. Go Dark"

I have a bunch of dark colors that I haven't yet used, so had to go through a few before I settled on one.  But I was also thinking ahead to #6 in the Plasma Speedo's "Plasma Plays in 21 Ways", which is to stamp a metallic color over the dark mani.   I've got some metallic purples & pink, so I colored my nails with this:
This is a polish I picked up at Forever 21, and sadly, it has no name. But it is a beautiful dark black with subtle purple shimmer and I had full coverage after 2 coats.  Sorry the shimmer is hard to see in the pic, even in sunlight, but it's there in person.  I've been very happy with these Love & Beauty polishes so far!

I got my stamping inspiration/idea from The Lacquerologist's "Springy Flowers" mani.  It's sooo cute, but I'll be doing it in a kinda bizzarro way, since her's are on a white base and mine will be on black.  I hope it works out!

In other news, on my way home from dropping off the boys at school, I HAD to stop at CVS to see what they had:
My aqua-ish little haul.  I know they all look the same, but they're not!  L-R: Spoiled's "First Class Only", "Use Protection", "Deeper Dive", "Good Karma", and "The Parking Meteor Expired" - you have to see the little purple/teal flecks in this in person!  These are all beautiful and totally remind me of SCUBA diving in the Mexican Caribbean.  Ahhh, que nice!

And I'm totally blaming The Crumpet & her friggin' awesome Blue Mosaic mani for my recent acquisitions!  I loved her mani so much, I was instantly jealous of the range of teals she had.  So, now I've got my own! :-P

OK, so #4 here is only going to last till tonight.  I've got to puruse my stamping plates now...

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