Monday, April 2, 2012

Plasma Plays in 21 Ways: "1. Rock a Nude Shade"

Here are my "nude" nails for Plasma Speedo's "Plasma Plays in 21 Ways".
This is China Glaze "Dress Me Up" from the Hunger Games Collection.  It's a perfect pinky-beige, and I'm calling it a nude :-)

Gorgeous as this is on its own, it's kinda tame for me, which is why I'm already thinking of the 2nd way to play: "Add a Layer of Shimmer/Glitter/Anything You Choose, To That Nude". 

Excuse me while I go stare at my polish stash to figure this one out... :-)


  1. Pretty nude! I agree that it's a little tame :) So I can't wait to see what you layer over it!

    1. Hehe...deciding is always the hardest part! ;-)