Saturday, March 31, 2012

Nail Mail!!!

YAY!  I got some super-awesome nail stuff in the mail today!  But my stupid camera is not charging, so I can't get good pics of the haul, but here is a phone pic anyway:
YES, my new Lacquistry polishes arrived!  I immediately ditched my current mani, and got "Paean of the Bells" on ASAP!  It's sooo beautiful in person, this picture cannot do it justice.  Absolutely gorgeous!  Pics of the others when I get my camera up and running.


So my 7-year old son likes to "help" me with my polish.  He picks colors, drips polish into the water for marbling, and reviews new nail art designs on You-Tube with me.  He's expressed several times about how unfair it is that boys cannot wear nail polish.  I made some non-committal response, and he would continue to help without further comment.

Well, he finally broke down and asked if I would paint his nails too.  Sure, why not?  He picked the colors & the design.  When he saw that I held a polish bottle for my pics, he wanted to also...I love my little guy!

And my friend Deanna came over, so of course I had to show her my polish stuff, and she just had to try out my nail stamping...
Before she left, she placed an online order for a basic Konad set :-)

Anyway, I decided to try the sponging technique and was going for a peacock-y theme.  Whaddaya think?
I need lots of practice with the sponging.  In real life, it's more purple, and it has flakies in it, so it's purtier.  I'm not excited about it, though, so I predict this mani will not last long on the nails.

And finally, here's some nail mail I got yesterday:
I got my Essie "Barefoot in Blue" from TOMS in honor of their One Day Without Shoes campaign!  It's a gorgeous pale purpley blue.  It reminded me quite a bit of one of my favorite China Glaze shades, "Secret Peri-Wink-le", so I got it out for a little side-by-side comparison.  Hmmmm. 

Lovely glitter polishes from KB Shimmer.  I found yet another awesome Etsy indie seller!  And I got super-smelly (in a good way!) handmade soap from her too!  Check it out: KB Shimmer's Etsy Shop

And this is my China Glaze haul from Sally's online $3 sale.

That's it for now!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Well Hello There!

So I've been bitten by the polish bug.  Bad.  Like, bad in a bad way.  It happened last month in February.  I innocently viewed a treasury on Etsy, and there happened to be a nail polish featured in it.  A gorgeous, eye-popping, glittery creation that I had no idea could even exist.  And it was HAND-CRAFTED!  OMG, I didn't know people could make nail polish!  So I clicked on it to view the seller's shop, just to get more info.  And I was hopelessly lost from that moment on...

That shop was Lacquistry.  And I bought 6 of her polishes.  At once.  And this was before I knew what a hot commodity these works of art are, or I might have bought more!
That's Silver Holo Shredded, Autumn Flurries, Lake Placid on Acid, Prom Dress, 24k Shredded, and Teppes.   And I just ordered 6 more when she recently opened her shop for a bit a couple of weeks ago.  Of course, I'll share my haul with you when it gets here.  Promise not to hate me! ;-)

So, I'm starting this blog because my friends and family think I'm crazy.  I know you all understand, though.

So, here's what my nails look like right now:
Yes, that is Dollish Polish's coveted Putting on the Ritzzz.  I told you.  Bad.

As much as I love this design, and how happy that little bit of awesome black and white glitter makes me, I'm already thinking of my next mani...Magnetic?  Flakies?  Glitter?  Water Marble?  Gradient?  Konad Stamping?  All of the Above? 

You do all understand...right?