Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Zoya Paint Splatter Mani

So, my next Plasma Plays in 21 Ways  are "14. Today we will wear blues", and "15. Grab a Straw and do Some Paint Splatters Over that Blue".  OK, then. 

Although today is Tuesday, I'm calling it "Wednesday", har har har!  Anyway, this Zoya polish is very different.  It's actually a little more green than in the pics...kind of like the color of copper when it starts to turn green...that vintage-y, tarnished, Statue of Liberty greenish aqua.  Very unique.  This is 2 coats with no top coat.

So, now I'm to do paint splatters on top of these with a straw.  Crazy lady say what?  Here's the video to show you how.  So, I figured I'd just stick to the Zoya Summer collection I just got since they look so awesome together.

Ok, so I used Zoya "Arizona" (orange), Zoya "Shelby" (pink), and China Glaze "White on White".  This method made such a mess!  And I got dizzy from a combo of blowing through the straw, and breathing deeply of the polish fumes.  And, even though I coated my skin with Chapstick prior to the splattering, clean up was extensive.

But, it was cool to see what design would blow out next.  And also frustrating when nothing came out, or just a big blob splattered on the nail (e.g. Right-hand pinky).  I would have liked the colors better had the base been white and then had the colors splattered on, but I still think they're super-cute and spring-y. 

So, I'll definitely do this again, because it's such a different look.  But probably with less colors, and maybe a dark background w/a light metallic.  Oooooo. 

Are you going to try this method?


  1. I love splatter manis! I really want Wednesday!

    1. Actually Bethany, I compared "Wednesday" to my China Glaze "For Audrey", and they are just about exactly the same!

  2. The looks great!!! Such an awesome combo!!!