Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Zoya / Plasma 2-fer

So Plasma Plays in 21 Ways says that for my next mani's, I must "12. Pick a Green" and "13. Add a Layer of Polish Over That Green You Think Doesn't Go with It".  So I looked in my stash for green:

Sorry the pic is crooked!  Anyway, the point is that I had a bunch to choose from, right?  But I really wanted to try one of my new Zoya's, so I went with "Shawn":
How pretty is that?  This is 2 coats with no top coat.  It was super-shiny, and I love this military green color.  I had to get used to the's kind of thin, but not really (it doesn't pool at the cuticles), but the more I brushed it on, then I would get bald spots, like the polish was already drying, but it wasn't dragging or clumping.  So I just stuck to 2 thin coats & it's marvelous.

So, what will NOT go with this?  I figured everything would, but then I saw Zoya "Opal", an aqua-ish flakie top coat.  And even though they are both "green", I think they totally do not work together.
So, after 1 coat of Opal over my lovely "Shawn" nails, here's what I got:
Well, not the best, and not the worst either.  I would love to see "Opal" on a dark teal, or light aqua!  It's not great on "Shawn".  But I got to try my Zoyas, and I love them!  Mission accomplished!

So, check off #12 and #13!