Sunday, April 29, 2012

My Very First Zoyas!!

I've heard so much about Zoya, and how wonderful it is, that I had to check it out.  When I first visited their page, I was not disappointed!  After drooling over the TONS of colors, I then realized that each polish was $8, which is out of my price range for non-Indi polishes.  But I saw that they had periodic specials, so I put colors in my cart, but didn't buy...yet. 

Then, Zoya had their Earth Day promotion, where you get 50% off polishes, and you send back non-earth friendly non-Zoya polishes for them to dispose of properly.  Like I said, they have TONS of gorgeous and unique colors, but I managed to whittle it down to these (for now):
 no flash
with flash

Yes, those are Summer collection ones in the front...I'm weak in the face of all of those bloggers posting about them!  And, YES, they are as gorgeous as they all say they are!  Some of these polishes have super-pretty shimmer in them, but I think the cremes are just as lovely!  I can't wait to try them...I see a water marble in the future! 

After seeing the color spoon of the Summer collection in person, I'm convinced I must get them ALL!  I'm also wanting to try the 2 oz of their polish remover I got too...So, I'll definitely be watching for the next Zoya special offer. 

I believe my next mani is supposed to be green.  Hmmmm....

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