Monday, April 2, 2012

Plasma Plays in 21 Ways: "2. Add A Layer (of something) to That Nude"

Well, that's basically what #2 says.  Check it out yourself here: Plasma Plays in 21 Ways. 

I looked through my shimmers/glitters/flakies/holos, and found what I think is PERFECT with my nude mani:
Lacquistry's "Tepes"

I LOVE this!  The "Dress Me Up" is the perfect pale backdrop for the glittery gorgeousness that is "Tepes".  I need a bit more practice with my French Tip free-handing, but I'm likin' it!

I've already got grand plans for #3, which is "Polka Dots", but I love this mani so much, it's gonna get to stick around a while.  Have you started your 21 ways to play?