Wednesday, May 16, 2012

More Zoya! "Lotus"

The last 2 mani's for Plasma Plays in 21 Ways involve yellow.  I don't like yellow on my nails.  But I do have a pastel yellow that might be ok, but I've recently gotten tanned from golfing (I don't wear gloves), and pastel yellow on super-dark skin is no bueno in my humble opinion...

So, I'm skipping them for now, and playing with my gorgeous Zoya polish instead!  Here is "Lotus"
It is such a beautifully perfect shade of lilac purple!  And, just when it seems fantastic, it gets even better with it's faint pink shimmer.  Fantabulous!!

So after wearing this gorgous color for a couple of days, I decided to spruce it up a bit.  I wanted more practice with my stamping plates, so...
This is Pure Ice "New Lilac" stamped with Konad 57.  I still need to get better with placing the stamps, but this was a fun little accent, and I like how it came out really subtle. 

Gonna have to cut the nails down when this mani comes's getting kind of dodgey to type :-)


  1. Gorgeous color and the stamp is so elegant!

  2. Awesome, mani, Jamie! I will try stamping again, I will try stamping again. I'm SO bad at it! This lace design is one of my favs too. Love the combo with Lotus!