Monday, May 7, 2012

Zoya Girly Girl Mani!!

These are the next two mani's in Plasma Speedo's Plasma Plays in 21 Ways:  "#16 Wear a Pink" & "#17. Add Flowers to That Pink". 

Well, since I'm obviously in love with my new Zoya's, you should not be at all surprised about what I've got on my nails:

This is "Reagan" (dark pink) and "Shelby" (light pink) topped with Seche Vite.  This mani is actually 1 1/2 days old, and had gone through 10 hours of typing at work, and then a couple sinkfuls of dishes and kitchen duty, and the various other daily stuff we working moms do.  I didn't even paint the edges like I'm supposed to, and it's still gorgeous!  YAY for Zoya!

Ok, so then I had to add flowers.  But what kind?  Well, this whole challenge for me is about trying new things, so I figured no dotting tool flowers.  I've got cute rhinestones I've been wanting to use, but none of them seemed to do it for me, so I turned to my stamping plates.  I've got a Red Angel set, and a Shany set, and haven't really used them because I suck at stamping.  But I've seen such cute mani's all you other bloggers create, so I had to try!
This is an image from Red Angel plate 121 stamped with "Reagan" and China Glaze "White on White".  Even though there are some wonky spots, I love how this came out!  Very Hawaiian-y.  I had to double-stamp each nail since this wasn't a full-nail design.  I learned that I have to totally chillax when stamping, that I need to SLOW down, and NOT press so hard.  Taking my time prevents the horrible smearing and helps with placing the images where I want them.  After I figured that out, stamping was actually FUN!  Imagine that....

So, that's that!


  1. I'd love to follow your blog - do you think you could add a GFC gadget? =)

    1. Thanks!! I'll try added the GFC gadget...I'm technologically challenged! :-D