Thursday, August 2, 2012

Zoya Braid - Cherry Cola!

I missed Jilltastic Design's "Try It On Tuesday", where you paint your nails with your "dusty", untried polishes.  It makes you try out those polishes you just HAD to have at one point, but then forgot about them because you found some other pretty to lust over.  

Anyway, for my next mani I still wanted to use a dusty, and I found my Zoya "Cola".  This color is sooo perfectly cola-colored!  And I wanted to try the braided/fishtail nails I've been seeing, most-recently in THIS TUTORIAL by CutePolish.  And cherry red always goes with cola ;-)

Pretty, right?  I really like my braid looks more like a braid than a fishtail to me, so that's what I'm calling it!   I used "Flowie" (light brown) and "Diana" (red).  I kind of regret using "Flowie", since when you look at the braid from far away, it looks like my nail is bare there, and it kinda messes up the whole braided effect and looks more like my polish is chipping off :-/.

Also, I hate to report that "Cola" was kind of a pain to use.  Usually my Zoya polishes paint themselves on, and are opaque in 1 or 2 super-smooth coats.  "Cola" took 3 coats for full coverage, and it flooded my cuticles, even when I used thin can kind of see the lighter reddish colors of the under-layers at the edges.  But I love this color, and I got a complement on it today, so it's still a keeper! :-).

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