Saturday, August 11, 2012

Zoya Patchwork-y Stained Glass

I recently saw this awesome abstract art manicure by Chalkboard Nails, and I was instantly enamored!  She says you just randomly apply brushstrokes of different colors.  I know it would be a little more difficult than that, but I wanted to give it a shot! 

So I checked the stash for some pretty polishes, and came up with all Zoyas, except for one lone Orly.  I love Zoya!
L to R Top Row:  Myrta, Carly, Ivanka, Trixie
L to Right Bottom Row:  Glitz, Charla, Sarah, Valerie

So just started painting splotches of each color until my nails were completely covered:

Indoor Lighting:

Out in the sun:

These remind me of stained glass, but in a patchwork kind of way.  I learned that I have a hard time being random, because I wanted to make each nail exactly the same.  And I think I was supposed to have longer, lighter strokes, so the colors would sort of blend into one another, but I just couldn't do it.  So my version is more block-y and chunky.  Still pretty, but not what I wanted.

I think I'll be stamping something over this pretty soon...maybe a geometric-type pattern?


  1. These are so pretty. I love the colors you chose. =)

  2. I like them. And the longer I look at them the more I like them. Well done!

  3. You have some lovely colours in your collection! I think it looks pretty :)

  4. It reminds me of The Rainbow Fish :D
    Also, I nominated you for a versatile blogger

  5. I love these! I think they'll be next on my to-do list.