Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Killing 2 Birds with Zoya "Adina"

As you should know, Jilltastic Nail Designs hosts "Try It On Tuesdays", where you have to use an untried polish in your stash and post it to her wall on Tuesday.  I made it just in time!

I also saw that Lustrous Lacquer is starting an Alphabet Challenge, where you pick out polishes beginning with that week's letter.  I think they're supposed to be untrieds, but I need to double check.  I love that we will only do a letter once per week, which allows plenty of time to do the challenge mani, and also gives you the chance to do other stuff too!

So, I picked out Zoya's "Adina".  She fits the bill for both purposes.  I've been wanting to try her for a while now.  She's a beautiful shade of purple which flashes to green.  Sorry, but these crappy pics do nothing to capture the beauty:

I tried enhancing this one to show the green flash, but it is still so hard to see:

"Adina" went on smoothly in 2 thin coats.  I added a 3rd coat, but I didn't need to.  Also for this mani, I used the whole Zoya colorlock system, which starts with a swipe of "Remove", then "Anchor" base coat, your color, then "Armor" topcoat.  I used some NOPI fast-dry drops, though.  However, as you can see on the edges, most noticeably on the middle & ring fingers, the polish wrinkled b/c I wasn't patient enough before I got on with my life :-(.  I just can't do a non fast-dry top coat.  So, sorry "Armor", but I'm going back to my good ol' Seche Vite.

This polish is so beautiful in person!  If you can, getcha some!


  1. Ohhh! I adore Zoya Adina- such a gorgeous duochrome! I really love how you did the accent nail with this.