Saturday, August 4, 2012

Wakey, Wakey, Eggs & Bac-y!!!

Who in the world would think of breakfast as inspiration for a nail polish?  Elizabeth at Tough as Nails Lacquer, that's who!!!  And you know what?  She's a freakin' genius!!

She created a polish based on bacon!  I mean, who doesn't like bacon?  It's a glitter bomb full of orange, red & black glitters of all different shapes.  She named it "The Baconian Method".  

"Go Sit on a Egg" (misspelling intentional) is a creamy white polish filled with orange & yellow glitters.  Super-pretty, and it is the perfect polish equivalent of an egg.

So I totally recycled my Zoya "Cola" mani for this, and topped those nails with 2 coats of TBM, and I removed the braided accent nail and painted on 3 coats of GSOAE:

 In the fading sunlight:
 With flash:

I am so charmed by these polishes, and I'm kind of amazed by how much they have completely enchanted me.  When I got them, I kept them out of the polish drawers, so I could keep them out and admire them daily :-)  I never knew eggs & bacon could be so dang pretty!!

You can buy polishes from Tough as Nails Lacquer HERE.  Elizabeth is super-nice, and these polishes are of excellent quality.  She sells these as a set called "Breakfast Combo No. 1".  At the time of this posting, she only has the "shorty" (mini) bottles available, but looks like she plans on re-stocking the full-sized duos soon, so keep an eye out so you can get your hands on these beauties!  


  1. Aw these polishes are cute! I really like Go Sit On a Egg!

  2. Just stopping by to let you know that I gave you the Liebster award on my blog! <3