Sunday, July 29, 2012

It's MAGIC!! Syn Cosmetics Solar Color-Changing Polish!

I love cruising through Facebook and stumbling upon fantastic polish-makers who have unique and fun creations!  I was sooo excited to find Syn Cosmetics this way!  She had spectacular glow-in-the-dark polishes and, just as I had found her page, was currently posting polishes that CHANGE COLOR IN THE SUN!!  Crazy lady say what!?!  But she had a YouTube video & everything, so I of course  immediately bought both colors she had available.

May I introduce "Sunkissed" (pink) and "Solar Skies" (blue):

Please disregard my newbie stamping skills...I'm still practicing ;-)  I used Sinful Colors "Snow Me White" for undies, and layered 2 coats of my Syn polishes on top, alternating the colors on my nails, before stamping with Bundle Monster plate 321.

And now.......IN THE SUN:

This color change takes place in SECONDS!  Like almost immediately.  And then they switch back to white just as quickly.  It's MAGIC!  And the pink nails really do show up better in real life, although not as dark as in the bottle.  How COOL is that?!?  OK, I'll stop yelling now ;-)


I swear the colors show up better than this in real life, and it's sooo exciting to watch when it changes!  I'm going to try layering 3 or 4 coats next time!

Anyway, I LOVE these, and I plan on topping any black & white mani I do with a sneaky coat of this magic polish!  

You can check out Syn Cosmetic's shop HERE.  Like her FB Page for constant sales updates (I actually got a free bottle of un-released polish with my order during a promo she was having), plus she's super-responsive to posts and is very interactive on her page!  I got my polishes lightning-fast, had great communication, and it was just an awesome purchasing experience all the way around.  I'm going to be getting some of her glow-in-the-darks, and she says there are more sun color-changing polishes on the way, ones that start off one color, and then change to another!  OMG!!  She's also just announced a "Deadly Syns" collection she's working on!  Oh, and she also sells powder pigments and other makeup things.  Lots of exciting stuff, so keep an eye on her! :-)