Saturday, August 25, 2012

My "Granite" Franken, Part II

Even though she had announced it a while ago, I'm still super-sad that Amy at I'm Feeling Nailventurous is no longer making her awesome creations.  I had so many of them on my "Want" list.  But she has made the decision for herself and her well-being, and I am really glad she was able to make that difficult choice...nail polish is not worth anyone's happiness.  She's such an awesome blogger, I'm glad she's still swatching away!!

So I'm trying frankening dupes of my fave polishes on my wishlist.  I have already taken a stab at making a polish similar to Nailventurous's "Granite" in THIS POST.  Here's how it came out (with different undies):
I liked it a lot, but I wanted to add extra glitters to make it look more like the original "Granite".

I didn't want to go too crazy, so I just added small black glitter along with some white matte glitters for more texture.  Here's what I got:

This looks more like stone!  It looks lumpy, but it's totally glass-smooth!  This is 2 coats over China Glaze "White on White".  Not a dupe, but it is truly a franken "inspired by" Granite.  I think it came out beautifully, which is interesting considering it's supposed to look like rocks!  :-)


  1. It's a very pretty granite you created - well done :)

  2. Oh wow, what a gorgeous frankendupe :)

  3. Thank you ladies!! Pixie Nails, I like "frankendupe" :-)

  4. Wow! I absolutely love this - much more than the original! I would buy it :) *hint hint*

    1. LOL! Thanks Kate! Problem is that I couldn't make another because the creation process was a bunch of "add a little of that", "put in a pinch of that", "ok maybe a little more of that", etc. Frankening at its finest ;-)

    2. I know this post is super old now... but I couldn't stop thinking about this polish! So I made my own. Its very similar. But I layered two coats of OPI Skull and Glossbones with one coat of Model City Polish Cookies and Milk. Then, I added a layer of All that Glitters Spotty Dottie Light and then (finally) another coat of Cookies and Milk. I just wanted to thank you for the inspiration!!