Tuesday, August 14, 2012

"Band Geek" - Reppin' It!!

I am proud to say I was a Band Nerd in high school 20 years ago.  I played all 4 years, and I was in field marching AND parade band, with concert season thrown in for good measure.  All band, all the time.

My Freshman & Sophomore years I played clarinet & bass clarinet.  But then I realized that, no matter how hard you wail on that woodwind out on the field during a half-time show, you still can't hear it.  So for my Junior & Senior years, I switched to brass instruments:  baritone and euphonium, baby!!

I was part of the Blue Star Regiment, and my biggest claim to fame during that time was that we performed in the Fiesta Bowl, and I was on TV during the parade, since I was on the end of the row. :-)  I LOVED being in the band, and I made some very good friends during that time, and I was very proud of what we did.  We worked hard and tirelessly, were in Open Class and kicked ass, and we build a camaraderie that I have not experienced since.  I was a Band Geek, and I'm super-proud!!

So, for today's mani which is for Jilltastic Design's "Try It On Tuesday" and for the letter "B" in Lustrous Lacquer's Alphabet Challenge, I chose KB Shimmer's "Band Geek".  This is a beautiful black polish with the gold, silver and brass of the shiny band instruments thrown in.  How perfect is that?

This polish is absolutely gorgeous!!  And my treble clef from a Shany plate over Pure Ice "Jaguar" is the perfect accent, although I couldn't believe that out of my 5 sets of stamping plates, not a single one had music notes!  

I must admit, "Band Geed" is now one of my favorite polishes!  Visit KB Shimmer's website HERE and her Etsy shop HERE...you won't be sorry, but your wallet might be! ;-)


  1. Yay for band geeks! I played trombone and baritone in high school and in my college's pep band. :)

  2. Very cute mani, the gold polish with the treble clef fits perfectly with Band Geek!

  3. Thanks ladies!! And Sarah, Brass kicks Ass!! :-)

  4. Hi! I googled "Band Geek" so I could send my band pals an exciting photo as it's rehearsal tonight. I found your beautiful nails so I got excited, and when I read the text it says you play baritone and euphonium..! I play baritone in my band but my "spirit instrument" is a euphonium. It sits at home and gets practice but it doesn't see daylight at the moment.

    If you want to see us play, you can find Otterbourne Brass on Facebook.

    Thanks for the article...! I want treble clef nails!