Monday, July 16, 2012

Water Marbling for Toes?

I was browsing around blog land, when I stumbled upon More Nail Polish!  OMG, she is so talented!  And super-creative/resourceful to boot.  Want thinking outside the box?  Look no further!  I mean, she figured out how to make her own cool magnets for magnetic polish!  Go check her out!  

And then, I saw THIS POST about "Dry Water Marbling"!  She reports that she is no good at water marbling, so she makes her marble design in the water, and then lifts it out of the water on a piece of Ziploc bag.  Once she does this, she is free to cut out the best pieces of the design, and apply them to her nails at wasting tons of polish with each finger-dipping!  

Now, I'm no slouch at the whole water-marbling-the-old-fashioned-way, and I have gotten the whole process down pretty well, so it's really not a big deal to do it.  But I immediately saw the possibility of using this "Dry Water Marbling" for my toes!!  So exciting.

So, the first step is to make your water marble, then place a piece of Ziploc on top of it.  Then you can lift the whole she-bang out and set it down to dry.

I found that the stupid things wanted to curl onto themselves upon lifting out of the water, so be fore-warned.  That's why my lower purple-y one is all smudged in a bunch of places.  But when they dry, they behave nicely.

OK, so once they dry, the next step is to paint your nail with a base color.  Then, you are to cut out your design and apply polish-side down onto your base coat when it is "tacky", but not dry.  Press it down firmly. Okee-dokee!

At this point, you grab a corner firmly, then quickly rip off the plastic, like waxing your eyebrows.  I've definitely had practice doing that, so no problem...

Ahem.  Tacky base?  Check.  Firmly-pressed plastic?  Check.  Quick rip?  Check.  OK, let's try again...

Better, but still no cigar.  And now my other toes were dry at this point.  I applied a second base coat, waited about 5 minutes for it to dry, then tried applying my water marble again.

I am so bummed! :-(  I had such high hopes for this technique.  I think I'll try transferring the design to wax paper next time instead of the Ziploc...I dunno.  What do you think?  


  1. I think its a fantastic idea! What if you treated it like the DIY nail stickers instead? You know: peel it off the plastic and plop it on the sticky base coat?

  2. I was going to suggest that too.personally I usually do a waterless marble in the same colors so my toes match my fingers. however you don't get the great swirls you do with the water. The colors are very cute together :) maybe just a little more practice is all you need. The idea is good.

  3. Or maybe if you tried glue like you would if you were.doing the foil :)

  4. Thanks for the suggestions ladies! I'm going to keep trying...I really want water marble on my toes! :-)

  5. Yay! I can't wait to find out how to make it work lol

  6. What an awesome concept! I haven't tried any kind of water marbling yet :\ But it looks fun!! :D

  7. That's really cool its nice let me know if it works better if u use wax paper... Good luck ;)

  8. Use wax paper and Apply a very thin laye of lotion use the lotiony side to pick up the design when it dries and you place the design on your toes outline the edges with a toothpick wait approximately 6 min then check if when you lift the front gently and it didn't stick press and wait longer then do again after you know it's done quickly peel up it fills all of the nail but if it doesn't just add a little polish to the empty part stick again and rip after that your nails will look fabulous