Wednesday, July 4, 2012

First-Time Frankening!

My Indie drawer is super-full!  I have my faves: Lacquistry, KB Shimmer, Darling Diva Polish, Windestine, and Pretty & Polished, and I have collected quite a few of these ;-).  Then there are others I order from to try based on pics, reviews, or just browsing Etsy.  I usually order 2 or 3 of their polishes at a time, and have fallen for Rainbow Honey, Utopia's Polish, Lacquer Convention, All that Glitters, Lush Lacquer, Feenix Polish, Whimsical Ideas by Pam, Aphrodite Lacquer, and Amy's Nail Boutique.  And I have 1 Dollish, and 1 Nailventurous, but that's because they're so hard to get a hold of.

The top box is where my Indie's live.  It's kinda full :-/

Anyway, I still browse Indie stores, but I'm starting to say "hmmm, I think I already have one like that" a lot more often.  So, of course, I figured I'd try my hand at making my own, since I could then customize my polish.

So, I ordered some supplies:

To begin my foray into this uncharted territory, I started pretty easy:   I added some Spectraflair powder to bottles of "Out the Door" fast-dry top coat.  I've got 14 & 35 "fineness".  Sorry, no pic though.  Just looks like a grey polish, but it's magic!  So far, so good!  :-)

But then I got down to the business of making polishes I've been wanting.  I made a matte black & white polish, with different sizes and shapes of glitter, including bars & squares (sound familiar?)  There are a TON of different versions out there, but none that I really loved.  I'm so happy with how mine came out.

I then needed to see how glitter behaves in the bottle, and how much I need, etc, so I figured I'd just add some pink, blue, & silver along w/silver bars for interest.  In the end, I added more blue than pink, and more bars than I thought I had needed.

Ever since seeing Lacquisty's custom "Watermelon", I've been wanting a glitter polish reminiscent of that sweet, summer fruit.  I started with pink glitter & added enough small black matte glitters to make it happen!

I also got some flakie-like pigments.  I had no idea how these would look, so I threw in equal parts blue, violet, and green.  I think it's fantastic over black.

I'm really happy with how these came out, especially since they're my VERY first tries!!  It was super-fun, too!  I'm sure as I go along I'll have some serious fails, but maybe I'll have some serious outrageousness!  I already want to order more glitter!! ;-)

Frankening looked so fun, my boys wanted to try it out too!

They came up with "Glitter Bomb" and "Glitter Party"

Have you tried Frankening?


  1. Amazing! Where did you purchase the glitters???

    1. TKB Trading. They really didn't have a whole lot of selection as far as colors go, but I figured this would get me started. ;-) Their website is Have fun!!

    2. Have you had any problems with the TKB glitters bleeding or curling yet? I want to start making my own polish... but I'm hesitant to just buy glitters without knowing if they curl/bleed!

      I look forward to reading more about your frankening experiences!

    3. Hi Joy! The labels on the packages actually say "solvent resistant glitter", so I'm hoping they'll be fine. My frankens aren't even a day old yet, so I can't tell if there will be any problems...I'll be sure to post if there are issues, though!

  2. P.S. I love that blue glittery one! So pretty!

    1. Thanks!! I actually added more blue, cuz I like it better than pink :-)

  3. Oh, this must have been so much fun, lovely results!!

  4. I love the spectraflair! I know it isnt cheap or I would have ordered some myself lol. My favorite is the flakie one :) Hope they all stay great!

  5. OMG I love Glitter Bomb! Your boys have a future in polish design ;)