Sunday, June 3, 2012

Lacquistry's Custom "Hawaiian Sunset"

So, if you've followed my FB page at all, you know that I LOVE Jenna at Lacquistry!  I actually got hooked into this polish underworld when I stumbled upon a bottle of Lacquistry "Autumn Flurries" in an Etsy treasury.  I was amazed that people could make their own nail polish!!??!!  And it was so beautiful!!  So I bought a bunch of her polishes.  And then another 6 a few weeks later.  This was in Feb/March, 2012, back when she actually had stock sitting in her shop.  Trying to get a Lacquistry now-a-days is nigh on impossible.  But I've grown my collection to a respectable 17. :-)

So when Jenna announced she was taking custom orders, I jumped right on it!  I requested 3 polishes, and felt all star-struck when I made my request, like I was talking to a rock star!  But Jenna's the sweetest person ever!!  Anyway, my polishes were all based on the beach, as I am enamored by the sand and the recharges me to sit on a blanket on the sand and listen to the waves crash.  Nothin' like it on earth! 

This polish is inspired by my birth-state and is based on a description I gave her of a...Hawaiian sunset!  Here's what Jenna said went into this lovely creation:  "a raspberry base with orange, gold, pink, red, and purple. I used 10 different glitters in varying sizes in the requested colors to come up with something that really glows, and almost reminds me of some kind of fruity tropical cocktail..."
  This is the pic she sent me!

Fan-friggin'-tastic, right?  So, after my recent black & white marble mani, I was ready for some glitter and color on my fingers!  I dove into my stash, and found 4 Zoyas that match my HS perfectly!
From bottom to top: "Arizona", "Myrta", "Reagan", "Valerie".  Gorgeousness!

I did a gradient with my Zoyas to mimic a sunset on 4 fingers, and layered "Hawaiian Sunset" over Reagan on my ring finger.

Then, of course, I had to add a palm tree shadow.  But not just any palm tree...a coconut palm!  I live in Southern California, so I see a myriad of palm trees every day.  But never coconut gets too cold here for them at night in the winter.  So, to me, coconut palms scream "tropical, gorgeous, warm, fantastic Hawaii" ;-)  It was at this stage in the game that I realized that I had done my gradient upside down!!  So, my trees will have to face ME...which I guess isn't that bad after all ;-)

I'm most-proud of my thumb was my very first, and I think it looks the best.  I LOVE this manicure!  And look at how awesome it matches my Lacquistry!!  It makes me soooo happy, I'll be keeping this on one for many days to come!!

You can follow Lacquistry's FaceBook page HERE, and her Etsy shop is HERE.  She recently announced on FB that once she's done with her list of customs, she will be stocking her shop again...I can't wait!! :-D


  1. Oh, wow! I am in love with this!!

  2. The glitter is pretty. You freehanded the palm trees? You did great. I live in Florida we have lots of palm trees too :)