Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Epic Polish Haul Day...Budget Style!!

I'm off work on Mondays, which frees me up to shop, and that seems to be a bad thing for my wallet.    Today, I was going to restrain myself.  Somewhat ;-)

So I had to stop by the Dollar Tree to see what they had.  Turns out, they had quite a bit:
I got the Insta-Dri's for stamping, and the NYC's are 2 per package, so $.50 each!  So, 15 polishes for $13...I was happy! 

Then I stopped at the mall.  While there, I ducked into Hot Topic and snagged a couple of Black Heart polishes in their awesome skull bottles!  I admit I really wanted them just for the bottles, but the colors are actually pretty spectacular, too!  Glow-in-the-Dark pale blue and a gorgeous dark puple with blue shimmer.  These were my priciest polishes of the day at $5 each and NOT on sale, but I also got a War Paint matte top coat for $1, so it evens out ;-).
I popped into Claire's, cuz they were having a BOGO 1/2 off, and I got 2 "mood" polishes.  Not sure if they work, but sure sounds fun...$7.50 for the pair!
I also hit Forever 21 and for $3 got a Love & Beauty multi-bar glitter that looks like pastel southwest colors to me...very unique! 
Then finally onto Ulta (I had a coupon).  In the clearance bin I scored a China Glaze "Broken Hearted" for $2 and OPI "Navy Shatter" for $3. 
Lastly, I stopped into a cheap shoe store, and saw some $2 NYX polishes, so I got 2.  One is full of little stars!
Super-fun haul of 10 polishes for $30.50!

When I got home, my Windestine order was waiting
Star Bright, Spica, Jeweled Sand, Hydrangea, Sweetener, Star Light.  As you can tell, I'm a sucker for star glitter.  I kept taking the cap off the Star Light to see how easily I could get those cute little stars out, and every time, there was at least one on the brush.  YAY for no fishing!  I love Windestine's polishes, and Freda is an absolute sweetie!  She pro-actively contacted me to let me know that there are zinc mixing balls in these polishes, and offered a refund.  I don't see any issues in my bottles, though, so I declined.  But she still sent me stainless balls, so I just need to change the balls out (using a magnet to get them out of the bottle), and VOILA, problem solved!  You can check out her shop HERE...she's got her stainless mixing balls now, and has a new collection in the works!

A truly epic polish day that didn't break the bank!


  1. Oh no! Now you made want to go the the mall and Dollar Tree, lol. I love those little skull bottles and it is always great when you can get polishes real cheap at the Dollar Tree.

  2. nice!

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