Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Well Hello There!

So I've been bitten by the polish bug.  Bad.  Like, bad in a bad way.  It happened last month in February.  I innocently viewed a treasury on Etsy, and there happened to be a nail polish featured in it.  A gorgeous, eye-popping, glittery creation that I had no idea could even exist.  And it was HAND-CRAFTED!  OMG, I didn't know people could make nail polish!  So I clicked on it to view the seller's shop, just to get more info.  And I was hopelessly lost from that moment on...

That shop was Lacquistry.  And I bought 6 of her polishes.  At once.  And this was before I knew what a hot commodity these works of art are, or I might have bought more!
That's Silver Holo Shredded, Autumn Flurries, Lake Placid on Acid, Prom Dress, 24k Shredded, and Teppes.   And I just ordered 6 more when she recently opened her shop for a bit a couple of weeks ago.  Of course, I'll share my haul with you when it gets here.  Promise not to hate me! ;-)

So, I'm starting this blog because my friends and family think I'm crazy.  I know you all understand, though.

So, here's what my nails look like right now:
Yes, that is Dollish Polish's coveted Putting on the Ritzzz.  I told you.  Bad.

As much as I love this design, and how happy that little bit of awesome black and white glitter makes me, I'm already thinking of my next mani...Magnetic?  Flakies?  Glitter?  Water Marble?  Gradient?  Konad Stamping?  All of the Above? 

You do all understand...right?


  1. Thank you! It made me happy all week at work! :-)

  2. I like this Dollish a lot!!! I've been craving black and white glitters for some reason. Just bought like 3 of them in a week. Sadly...I think I need this one now.

  3. Aleta, you will love it! It's sooo much cooler than I thought a black & white glitter would be! I love the mani's where it is layered over a pale pastel color! Gorgeous stuff! :-)