Sunday, May 12, 2013

Catching Up

At the beginning of March, my manager left on maternity leave, and I am now both her and me at work, so I have been VERY busy.  The reason you care is because it leaves me exhausted at the end of the day, and unable to do my nails, much less post about them.  As of Friday, my face has broken out in stress-induced hives, so I am taking the hint, and slowing down, and doing my nails! :-)

Here's my current mani, featuring Ruby Wing color-changing polishes.  It makes me smile to see the color change, and forces me to leave the house to see it, since it changes color in the sun.  The color change is pretty quick, and is triggered by UV rays.  Pretty cool!!

"Birdie" (yellow) and "Gypsy" (mint), before the sun.  Super-cute, springy mani, right?
This took 3 coats to get completely opaque.  Topped with Poshe.

The same mani, but in the sun:
LOVE this color combo too!  So fun!

Here's a side-by-side comparison:

Here are some exciting past mani's I did since my last post:

Black-tipped French with Lacquistry's pretty pastel glitter bomb "Chick-a-dee doo-da".  LOVE this polish!!

Color Club "Halo-graphic".  Gorgeousness!!!

OK, you're all caught up.  :-)

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