Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Go Pink Wednesday...on Tuesday!

Finger Painting Fingers is hosting a lovely event for the month of October to help raise breast cancer awareness: 
Every Wednesday in October, share a pink manicure to show your support!  

I did mine early...sorry, I couldn't wait!

Yes, my poor middle finger chipped right before I took my pics!  Grrrr!  So I trimmed it up:

Very sad about the chip! :-(
This is Zoya "Shelby" topped with a special OPI pink shatter I picked up last year for Breast Cancer Awareness at a Regis salon called "Regis Pink Shatter".  I used a glitter striper for accent, and did my ribbon w/another pink striper.  Very PINK!! 

My mom is a 14-year survivor, and I've supported her by attending lots of Breast Cancer walks.  If you've never been, you MUST go to one this month!  It's so overwhelming to be a part of all of those people touched by breast cancer.  I've been so sad to see a little boy on the shoulders of his dad wearing a bib saying "Walking in Memory of My Mommy", or the family with the picket signs bearing the pictures of a beautiful young high school senior at her prom, and then in her hospital bed where she lost her fight.  In the next second, I've been elated to see the sea of the special hats the survivors get to wear, and to see the brave bald women who are still going through chemo and who are so moved by the support and comfort everyone there gives them.  Truly an amazing experience!!

If anything, I hope you get your yearly check by your doctor, and yes, even your mammogram if you're old enough.  Because of my mom's history, I've had to get them since I was 30 years old, but I go every year ;-)

These are the other lovely peeps joining me in my support for BCA by participating in "Go Pink Wednesday":

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